Super Sales People

Super Sales People

Why do some sales people seem to just have the ability to close sales and others seldom make the mark? Do they have a second sense about them that makes them successful? Do they have some system working for them no one else knows about or are they just natural born -“Super”- sales people?

We All Sell

Let me start by asking, have you ever asked a girl or guy for a date? Have you ever applied for a job? Have you ever convinced your mom or dad to let you do something when the idea was only on the fringes of being a good choice and, on and on and on? This is the natural ability of human communication with passion. However, it is necessary to hone this natural ability into a professional focus. Very simply it takes work and the harder you work the more you can learn and the more successful you will become.

My grandmother used to say, “Birds of a feather flock together”. In the world of sales, the meaning is quite simple. Do you like to purchase something from someone that presents a negative attitude or with no knowledge of what they are selling? Do you like to purchase something from someone who will not present their eyes directly to you? Do you like to purchase something from someone who is not correctly (clean and neat) dressed for the part? Do you like to purchase from someone who appears to be more interested in making the sale than they are fulfilling your purchasing need?

The Sales Flock

Sales can be a very rewarding and successful occupation for those willing to learn to bring themselves up to the standards of the successful sales flock; a very special society of true professionals. This means “work” in scrutinizing and improving every aspect of yourself and also who your potential customer requires you to be.

The first 30 seconds of interaction with the potential customer can make the difference between success and failure. Think about it, and work on it, all the time. Reveal yourself honestly, through your eyes, body language and facial expression, let the customer know they are the most important thing you have on your plate…………they are in “good professional hands”, and, you are not there to take advantage because they have a need. You are there because you are the creditable professional “in service” to them and your expectations are high that you will successfully lead them to their decision to buy.

It Takes Preparation

It is very difficult to make a sale if you dominate the conversation………….”listening is required”. Practice, practice, practice, learn, learn, and learn what you can say in 10 seconds in order to get a response and another 20 seconds to assure your customer that you are the knowledgeable professional in service that can help them. You can’t meet the customer and then get ready to meet the customer………… ready, that’s your job.

It should be noted that: The synonym for professional is “practiced” and there are no naturally born “Super” Sales People, they learn to be.


Author Description

David Evans

David Evans has been a professional musician and song writer, recording a Canadian charted album (Foxy Lady) in the late 1970s. He later founded and served as CEO of Air Works, Inc., an engineering EPCM company that served the manufacturing industry. Evans has also been VP and board member for a combined Mexican/USA Construction Company. His extensive background in marketing and sales as well as project and executive management makes David a sought after Consultant and Advisor in Business and Operations across the country. He can be contacted via email at He can also be reached by phone in the USA at 501 350 1486. He can also be reached through the comments section below.

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